About Malayali Association of Townsville Inc.

Malayalee Association of Townsville Inc.is an incorporated organisation for all Malayalees in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. It is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious community and cultural organization. We are committed to respond to the cultural and social needs of the Malayalee community in Townsville and accordingly our programs are tailored to meet them. The Malayalees have migrated to all parts of the globe including Australia. Keralites are always proud of their unique culture and traditions. Malayalees maintain their own identity and rich cultural traditions.

Malayali Association of Townsville Inc. is a community of people from an Indian state of Kerala who are migrated to Townsville. MAT Inc. have over 100 member families and another 40-50 non member families. Our people serve as Doctors, JCU Lecturers, Scientists, Engineers, Nurses, Business men and others. We conduct 3-4 get together in every year.

The earliest of Malayalees to arrive in Townsville, Australia was in mid 1980’s. There were just six Malayalee families in Townsville until 2007. They had get together for Onam, Easter etc at one of their houses till 2008. Malayalees started coming to Townsville in large numbers since early 2007 and as per unofficial estimate, there are about 140-160 families in Townsville as of today. When the number of Malayalee community increased, the need for an official forum was felt. After much contemplation it was decided to register an Association and in July 2009, thus Malayalee Association of Townsville Inc. was born.

MAT Inc. is a member of FICQ ( Federation of Indian Communities in Queensland) and would like to associate with other like minded associations for mutual benefit. MAT Inc joins with OICC, Overseas Cultural Congress, Townsville Unit for Independence day celebration.

We are committed to respond to the cultural and social needs of the Malayalee community and accordingly our programs are tailored to meet them. Our programs are attended by a wide spectrum of the community numbering in large. The three major annual programs we conduct are: 

1. Christmas and New Year celebration.- The Christmas celebrations include a vast array of different types of cultural programs accompanied by a sumptuous dinner. The main focus is reminding the attendees of Jesus Christ’s message of love, compassion and mutual help.

2. Easter and Vishu Celebration.- Meet n greet during April / May in order to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his . Vishu marks the new year in accordance with the Malayalam calendar known as the Kolla Varsha. This occasion signifies the sun's transit into the Meda Raasi (first zodiac sign) according to Indian astrological calculations, and represents the vernal equinox. "Vishu" in Sanskrit means "equal".

3. Onam Celebration.- Onam celebrations in August/September - One of the main features of Onam celebrations is cultural programs reminiscent of Kerala’s own rich cultural and artistic life both present and past. During the celebrations we also provide a traditional, delicious Onam Sadhya to the attendees of the program at a very nominal cost. 

In addition to above, we have programs for below as per the convenience of people and Executive Committee each year.

1. Kerala Piravi on 1st November
2. Republic day on 26th January
3. Juniors cricket Tournament
4. Malayalam Classes for youngsters
5. Dance class
6. Music class
7. Cricket Tournament for adults
8. Participation in Townsville Cultural Festival each year.
9. Independence Day Celebration on 15th August.

We are bringing latest Malayalam movies for the community from time to time due to the overwhelming support they had given for the shows. We anticipate better program with the presence of professional people in the immediate future.

We are always at the forefront in offering help and assistance in times of humanitarian needs arising from unfortunate events whether natural or otherwise. We respond by engaging ourselves into fund raising activities and help support those important causes in order to alleviate financial or otherwise burden without any regard or consideration to nationality, religion, faith or belief of the affected.


MAT Inc. upholds and promotes vibrant cultural and linguistic heritage of the Malayalees and also to promote interaction and camaraderie among the Malayalees in Townsville and rest of Australia and attempt to integrate the best of Kerala traditions with Australian life style. Malayalee Association of Townsville Inc. strives for the welfare and social needs of Malayalees in the north Queensland town of Townsville. It is a platform for social interaction of like minded members of the Malayalee community.


It is a forum for fostering our rich legacy, cultural heritage and family focus in a distant land. This will help everyone thrive in their adopted country with prosperity and values. 

MAT through its activities endeavors to:

To help settling down the new migrant Malayalee anywhere in the globe to Townsville.
To facilitate a platform for its members to meet, interact, learn, gain and become a true ambassadors of India in Australia.
To promote cultural, recreational and other skills and talents of its members.
To collaborate with like minded associations and organizations to conduct / promote programs of common interest